Friday, January 23, 2015

Writing/Publishing a book is gratifying but not an easy project

Several years ago, sometime in 2002, the idea of writing a book came to me in a weak moment. Some might call that a brain “cramp” but it didn’t hurt and didn’t stop me. After 12 years of typing more than 130,000 words into a computer, then re-thinking the project and re-writing the original, then editing, then having someone else edit, then more re-writing after the editor suggested the scope was to broad, then more editing by a professional editor, then more re-writing, then employing a designer to format the words into pages and to design the cover—after all of that, it’s done! (Can you see the smile on my face?)

1973-74 Reliving the NC State Wolfpack’s Title Run is about the wonderful adventure of winning the national basketball title. The subject is the 1973-74 NC State basketball team led by coach Norman Sloan and players David Thompson, Monte Towe and Tommy Burleson, to name the stars but not all of their teammates. It’s been more than 40 years since that championship season which has been NC State’s best-ever team, better than the 1983 team led by coach Jim Valvano and the well-known threesome of Sidney Lowe, Derrick Whittenburg and Thurl Bailey. The team 40 years ago was awesome and accomplished what was expected. The 1983 team was interesting, fundamentally excellent and over-accomplished during a nine game post-season winning streak.

To write the 1974 story, permission was sought and granted to use stories published in that year’s student newspaper, the Technician, to bring back to life articles written at the time of accomplishment. Fortunate to be the Sports Editor that spring gave me get-up-and-go while writing the book. Being part of history and writing about it was fun. The final product is 316 pages and includes an extensive interview with David Thompson for the first ever ACC Basketball Handbook published by Ivan Mothershead who asked me to do the interview.

To buy a copy, go to CaryTownPress  or send me an email. One last thing about the book: Publishing is not an easy project, but there’s a tremendous amount of pride and satisfaction when you see more than 12 years of effort arrive in the mail as a published book. Enjoy.
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