Thursday, January 1, 2015

Daily, short, and to the point

A few days ago, The News & Observer staff writer Andy Curliss wrote a column about a friend of his who created a list of 52 things to do in one year, 2014. It was not a typical New Year’s resolution inventory but an enumeration of things to accomplish in the 52 weeks. His list was inspiring in many ways and challenging in many more ways.

The article and the subject thereof challenged me—and probably many others—to create a similar list, of sorts, which for your sake and mine will not be published here. One of the items is about writing daily but keeping it simple. The former (daily) has been tried; the simple concept was not part of the thought process.

Several years ago, after watching the movie “Julie & Julia,” the challenge was to write a daily blog. The dare was executed. However, the length of the writing was too long, and, after about eight months, the interesting subjects ceased and brings forth the story of the person who was surfing the web and one evening abruptly turned off his computer. He wife asked him why he stopped. “I got to the end,” he replied.

Story ideas for a blog didn't cease to exist a few years ago. It was just time for a daily break. Resumption is now at hand with this first effort on the first day of 2015. It's short and to the point. 2015 is not a leap year, so there are 364 more post to go to complete one item on that short list of things to do this year. 

For background, if you want to read Andy's story or learn more about that movie, to paraphrase my late mother, “Look them up.” Your comments are encouraged. See you tomorrow.
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incunabula (noun) [in-kyoo-nab-yuh-luh]: the earliest stages or first traces of anything

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