Saturday, January 24, 2015

Politics as usual: forcing positions on issues

Those who want to really do something about climate change should concentrate on doing that and quit trying to box the opposition into a corner. If the reason for that—cornering a person—is to stake that person to a campaign issue, try tax increases or going to war. The issue of climate change and trying to do something about it will not make or break an election in my lifetime and then some. It’s low on the totem pole of issues of major concern.

This week, in the United States Senate, a resolution stating that “it is the sense of the Senate that climate change is real and not a hoax” passed by a 98-1 vote. The 15 minutes later a resolution failed that said climate change is real and caused by humans. Then, an amendment to the Keystone Pipeline authorization bill came up. It said “climate change is real and that humans contributed to it.” That passed 50-49 but failed to meet the 60 votes in the affirmative to add it to the Keystone bill, therefore it failed. So, 50 Senators believe it, and 49 Senators don’t. If this is the least bit confusing the way it’s explained here, read the account at “CLIMATEPROGRESS” from which this information was lifted. It’s funny reading.

When election time rolls around for any of them neither side will benefit from the ridiculous political play that took time from real legislation all in the name of forcing Senators to “be on the record” on this issue and the way the resolutions and amendment are worded. It is a non-campaign issue. Just introduce legislation to slow global warning and not define it and how it happened. Yes, it’s politics as usual in Washington.
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