Saturday, January 31, 2015

It’s the weekend; better yet, it’s the end of the month

It’s Saturday morning, and there are lots of items ahead for the next couple of days. Today is the 31st straight day for writing and posting on this website; and today is the 31st straight day of walking at least 30 minutes a day.

Subjects of this column have varied and the response has been all over the board, more so than the issues discussed. Some readers have taken exception to opinions and statements laid before you. Others have agreed and urged more of the same. The column on Duck Coach F..uh..K had a large readership and interesting responses. The bit about the UNC Board of Governors dismissing Tom Ross was widely read and enjoyed by many, especially the part about nominating Randy Woodson, the Chancellor at NC State, to take Ross’s place. Of course, taking a jab at BobLeeSays had an impact on readership and response.

Walking 30 minutes minimum a day has been excellent for my mental and physical well-being. Most of these last 31 days have been on the treadmill in front of the television watching Morning Joe but switching to Golf Channel and others every now and then. A couple of days, the treadmill was skipped and replaced with an 8,000 yard, three+ hour walk around the Lonnie Poole Golf Course, pushing a cart holding my clubs, good exercise, even with the stopping every few hundred yards to swing a club.

One day included a walk around a nearby lake, about three miles and 40 minutes. In total, for the month, the walk has been for 28 hours and 75 miles in 31 days. Estimated calories expended: 10,000. Clothes fit better and after starting off the year at 211+ pounds, the weight is now around 210. Lost 1.6 pounds in a month; just under 11.5 to go for the year

In addition to many other items on the year to-do-list, there is one thing that’s difficult for writers to do, but it’s been completed or attained every day thus far. It’s not something to share now. Maybe at the end of this 2015: Day to Day journey. Maybe you’ll figure it out. See you next month.
-------------------- word of the day
comminate (verb) [kom-uh-neyt]: to threaten with divine punishment or vengeance

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