Saturday, January 17, 2015

It’s the weekend, so relax, get out of bed, enjoy!

So you work all week and expect to have a little time to relax when Saturday and Sunday get here. There’s sleeping late, casual breakfast and coffee while reading the newspaper, if you still subscribe to a print edition. Maybe a you’ll visit the local farmers’ market for home grown produce or you’ll drop by a local bakery, even if it’s a chain, for sweet rolls and something other than the standard loaf bread in the grocery store.

There’s tinkering in the garage, tidying up the place left in disarray during the week because all you have to time do was to find the screw driver to tighten a draw knob or locate a hammer and a picture hanger because a picture needs to be relocated and there was no time to return the tools to the right place.

The grass might need to be cut and trimmed and an application of fertilizer or crab grass preventer needs to be spread across the yard, the result of which will mean more grass cutting at a later date. The last leaves of the season need to be raked before grass is cut and trimmed and before the chemicals are dropped. It’s also time to trim a few bushes and cut back a few tree limbs, shaping the foliage to come so it looks nice later.

But there are also sports events to watch: college basketball, NFL playoffs, the PGA tour is underway. So a visit to a local eatery with large screen TVs is possible, especially if the food is good such as at Natty Greene’s in Raleigh where the Railyard sandwich beats any other Reuben you’ll find: 8-ounces of corned beef, capicola and salami with coleslaw, melted Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard and Thousand Island dressing on grilled rye bread.

And maybe there’s another local brewery or two to visit, to meet new people, taste different beer offerings and simply have fun, not worrying about work or house chores left unattended or bills to pay or what the grown children are doing. This is a time to relax and have fun. It’s the weekend. Well, actually, it’s just Saturday.
-------------------- word of the day
astir (adjective) [uh-stur]: moving or stirring; up and about; out of bed

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