Saturday, January 3, 2015

The list: resolutions or just babble

My list of things to do this year is a combination of personal physical health items and a broader challenge of items beyond my control to accomplish. In the physical area:

  • there’s walking at least 30 minutes a day. With a treadmill at home, walking is combined with watching, say, Morning Joe, SportsCenter or, better yet, Morning Drive on Golf Channel, for a healthy and entertaining resolution. If the first three days are any indication, the daily walk will be no less than 1.7 miles in 31 minutes, while burning over 300 calories, not a lot of any of those three categories but at least something;
  • there’s losing 12 pounds this year. One pound a month sounds easy and would move the needle from 211.8 pounds buck-naked (terrible visual) to just under 200 pounds, also buck-naked (a better visual but still frightening). That goal, one pound a month, should be attainable for anyone over-weight;
  • there’s playing 52 rounds of golf. A substantial increase over the 30 rounds last year, One round of golf a week sounds reasonable. Better yet, it will be healthy in two ways. Walking Lonnie Poole Golf Course at NC State University will fulfill the 30 minutes a day physical walking challenge; and while on the golf course, thoughts of anything else are pushed aside so there’s a mental reward except when missing short putts; and,
  • there’s refraining from alcoholic drinks for one 7-day period each month! That will probably be from a Sunday morning through a Saturday night. This should help with losing the 12 pounds. With a love of beer, especially brown ale, porters and stouts, this will be tough but manageable. Timing during home football game tailgating next fall will be important.
The question is: Are these real resolutions intended to be upheld or just babble?
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