Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Order blackened mahi-mahi sandwich at Norman’s in Miami Beach

A wise man once told me that when you find menu item at a restaurant and realize that enjoying that dish is only possible at that restaurant, you should always and only order that food every time you frequent that restaurant. Case in point, at the time, was the hot roast beef sandwich at Two Guys on Hillsborough Street across from the NC State campus.

The restaurant is no longer there, torn down to make way for a new building but the sandwich lives on in the minds of those who care. It was a simple selection: a couple of layers of white loaf bread, open face with layers of roast beef covered with brown gravy accompanied by a healthy portion of unhealthy French fries which could be dipped in the gravy or doused with ketchup.

Even though there are many very good restaurants in the Raleigh/ Cary area, there are none that offer a good blackened mahi-mahi sandwich. “Good” means a soft bun or a warm Italian ciabatta roll or the like with lettuce, tomato, red onion and a thick piece or pieces of the tender white fish. Substitution of grouper is okay but please don’t offer flounder or tilapia. Neither take the place of the mahi-mahi or grouper. As a side, a Caesar salad is just fine, but if the fries are good (but not good for you), it’s okay to have them.

One of the best blackened mahi-mahi sandwichs ever is at Norman’s American Bar & Grill on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach FL. When the weather is nice (not too hot and not too windy) sitting at a sidewalk table makes the meal even more enjoyable. While a beer of your choice complements the sandwich very well, the refreshing raspberry iced tea is a unique drink selection which gives the meal a nice balance. It’s not easy to get to Norman’s on a regular basis but a trip to the area is just not complete for me without it. It’s a wish that a restaurant closer to home would have such an offering, even with the worth-it price of more than $20 with a tip.
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