Thursday, April 9, 2015

Jack Nicklaus’s ace proves golf is a game for the ages

Did you happen to see Jack Nicklaus ace the 4th hole of the par three course at August National? Nicklaus, 76, and probably the greatest golfer to ever play the game, Wednesday was accurate off the tee of the 130 yard hole but the ball landed beyond the cup. With a touch of backspin, the ball rolled down the hill and into the cup. Nicklaus was as excited as a youngster making his first ace. It was his first hole-in-one at Augusta National.

Golf is frustrating to some, boring to others, but to those of us who play the game, it’s a way to work off frustrations, though it can be frustrating at times; it’s a way to get lost in thought, but to really enjoy the game, you must think your way around the golf course. It’s time consuming, but then time is on your side if you’re out there on a pleasant day.

Golf is an important part of my family. My mother and father played golf. One of my uncles was a golf professional as is one of his sons. My two brothers play golf; lots of cousins, nieces and nephews play golf. Growing up, the golf course was also a great place to spend an afternoon, or all day Saturday, even with the regular patrons gambling on the links as well in the gin room in the back of the clubhouse.

Watching the replay of Nicklaus and others make holes-in-one Wednesday was pleasing to my eye, my thought, and my heart. Jealously hit when asked if a hole-in-one has ever adorned my scorecard. That answer would be “NO!” In the nearly 57 history of playing golf, the best that’s happened has been an eagle on a par four, hitting the second shot from the fairway in the hole.

The Masters started today and runs through Sunday. For many who follow the game, this is the best tournament of the year. The scenery is unbelievable. The course is fair but tough, and usually, the winner comes from a small group of players as they work their way through final nine at Augusta National. Even to non-golfers, it is worth watching.
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