Saturday, April 18, 2015

Debbie Yow receives pay raise far beyond NCSU academic salaries

Congratulations to Debbie Yow, the NC State Wolfpack Director of Athletics whose contract was recently extended financially and in length of time. Last Friday the NC State University Board of Trustees agreed to boost her salary by $174,000, giving her an annual total base of $690,000. The length of her contract was extended by two years through July 2019, a time at which she says she will retire. She can earn more through incentives tied to athletics results, especially that of football and men’s basketball.

Yow’s base salary though is less than the base of two employees she supervises: basketball coach Mark Gottfried who makes a base of $760,000 and a total compensation of more than $2,000,000 with endorsements and incentives, and football coach Dave Doeren who has a base of $840,000 but pulls in more than $2.2 million with endorsements and incentives. It’s interesting that the contracts of all three expire about the same time.

While it has become commonplace for college football and men’s basketball coaches and directors of athletics to be graciously rewarded for their measured successes, the recent raise for Yow and previous new agreements with Gottfried and Doeren shows the importance of college athletics in relation to the executive staff and the college deans at college and universities, especially at NC State. Below is a look at salaries of NC State University executive officers and college deans. Salaries of the Executive Officers and the College Deans were provided by the University of North Carolina General Administration and represent 2014 salaries:

  • Dave Doeren, head football coach, $840,000
  • Mark Gottfried, head basketball coach, $760,000
  • Debbie Yow, Director of athletics, $690,000

  • $520,000: William R. “Randy” Woodson, Chancellor
  • $509, 200: Warwick Arden, Provost and Executive Vice Chancellor
  • $390,000: Brian C. Sischo, Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
  • $288,410: Charles D. Leffler, Vice Chancellor for Finance and Business
  • $273, 240: Marc I. Hoit, Vice Chancellor for Information Technology
  • $262,748: Eileen S. Goldgeier, Vice Chancellor and General Counsel
  • $245,000, Michael D. Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • $230,646: Mladen Alan Vouk, Interim Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development
  • $173,040: Kevin D. Howell, Assistant to the Chancellor for External Affairs
  • $131,899, P.J. Teal, Secretary of the University and Assistant to the Chancellor

  • $304,167: Louis Martin-Vega, Dean, College of Engineering
  • $270,000: Richard Linton, Dean, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
  • $269,799: Ira R. Weiss Dean, Poole College of Management
  • $245,000: Michael D. Mullen, Vice Chancellor and Dean for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs
  • $243,793: M. Jayne Fleener, Dean, College of Education
  • $240,214: Daniel L. Solomon, Dean, College of Sciences
  • $240,000: Mary Watzin, Dean, College of Natural Resources
  • $239,480: D. Paul Lunn, Dean, College of Veterinary Medicine
  • $233,783: Marvin J. Malecha, Dean, College of Design
  • $225,676 : Jeffery P. Braden, Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • $220,000: Maureen Grasso, Dean, Graduate School
  • $160,000: David Hinks, Interim Dean, College of Textiles
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