Monday, April 20, 2015

Gov. McCrory stakes claim against religious legislation, sort of

Governor Pat McCrory continues to position himself as a conservative in the old pro-business-but-forget-about-social-issues sense. He has several times voiced concerns about a religious freedom bill introduced in the General Assembly. The bill, say proponents, would allow businesses, elected judges and appointed magistrates to use religious liberties as they wish. Opponents say that means those who are protected by the bill would be allowed to discriminate against anyone they wish with the use of religious liberties guaranteed under the First Amendment to the US Constitution.

Gov. McCrory is basically asking if there is a problem being solved by the legislation that’s working its way through the General Assembly. It feels good that McCrory is actually questioning social legislation. It’s a quandary of sorts that the conservative and religious right wants to legislate social conservatism while at the same time complaining about the over-involvement in the lives of individuals. If you’re one, please explain.

The Governor hasn’t said if he would veto the legislation if it passes, and as much as it’s politics his desire to quietly derail it before it gets to his desk, he’s not about to draw the proverbial line on Jones Street in Raleigh by saying he would veto it. McCrory is running for re-election and needs the so-called base of the Republican Party to support and vote for him just as he does the independents who like the business approach by the Governor but dislike social legislation.

One interesting note about this legislation is that it is very much the same as federal legislation which passed 97-3 in the United States Senate in 1993. The legislation was sponsored by those in the Democratic Party but Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina, a man of deep religious freedom values, voted against the bill and was the only GOPer to do so. Why? Maybe Rob Christensen, the political writer and historian of The News & Observer, can give us insight to that. This inquiring mind would like to know.
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