Saturday, June 6, 2015

Ruckus Pizza deserves a return visit because of waitress Chelsea

Thank goodness for waitress Chelsea at Ruckus Pizza in Cary. Today was an out-and-about day which led us to this restaurant for the first time, at least for food. A previous visit was a few weeks ago when the owners held a benefit beer tasting in the parking lot. Lots of fun; lots of North Carolina craft beers. It was the beer benefit experience that convinced us to try the food today. 

Interestingly enough, today prior to selecting Ruckus, we enjoyed a beer tasting at the Lonnie Poole Golf Course where Hi-Wire Brewing of Asheville, New Belgium of Colorado and soon to be of Asheville, and Oskar Blues of Brevard were pouring several tasty selections. We recommend beers from all three.

At Ruckus, we requested a table on the patio under a circulating ceiling fan to detract from the warm muggy afternoon. We were seated but received no attention for about 10 minutes. No water, not request for drink orders, no nothing, and we were about to head for the door and mark off Ruckus from our frequent lunch stops until Chelsea walked past, stopped and asked if anyone was taking care of us. When we explained the long wait, she volunteered to look after us immediately, taking our request for water without ice. When she returned with the water, we asked to move inside to the air conditioned, cooler climate. Once re-seated, we placed our orders for one spicy black bean wrap and one Philly cheese steak. Sandwiches and wraps come with pasta salad, not the usual standard French fries or chips.

Our food arrive nearly immediately along with two Sweet Josie Brown beers from Raleigh’s Lonerider brewery, ordered by my wife, Nancy, while the men's room was calling me. Chelsea has seen to it the food was delivered promptly. Both sandwiches were very good and plentiful, but we felt the pasta salad, a mixture of elbow macaroni and a mayonnaise-based dressing, was not up-to-par with the rest of the meal. It was not what we expected of pasta salad. We suggested it be called macaroni salad with mayonnaise-based dressing instead of pasta salad which we believe usually has a vinegar based dressing and includes green peppers, black olives and other related items.

When the bill came, Chelsea was quick to tell us of a 20% discount for the food to make-up for our earlier wait. She had been very attentive during our first food visit though she didn’t know it was our first food visit to Ruckus. Her effort and attitude was rewarded with an ample tip, but better yet left us with a positive lasting impression of Ruckus, a place we’ll try again, but next time sans the pasta salad. Too gooey with all that mayonnaise mixed in.
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