Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Franklin Graham is wrong about Wells Fargo Bank commercial

The commercial had to have caught you off guard. It was for Wells Fargo Bank, and it had two women, who, as the commercial progressed, you eventually assumed are married to each other, adopting a little girl. It was a bold statement by Wells Fargo that same-sex marriage is okay as is adoption by such a loving couple. The bank, headquartered in San Francisco, feels that way and has no issue communicating it in a commercial. It caught you off guard sort of like the first time you saw an advertisement which included an interracial couple which you also assumed were married to each other. It’s common place today though it still makes some heads turn.

That little bit of television time really caught the attention of Franklin Graham, son of evangelist Billy Graham who over the years has become known as the “Nation’s Preacher.” Franklin, who now rules the Graham roost and controls its fortune, reacted by withdrawing millions of dollars of deposits and investments with Well Fargo. There are probably several other North Carolinians who reacted the same but not with the financial power of Franklin. Likely, there are many politicians in the North Carolina General Assembly who feel the same way. These can easily be named. They supported Senate Bill 2 to allow magistrates opt out of marrying two people of the same sex.

They are all over-reacting; it’s time they got the message that times have changed, that worshiping on strict interpretation of the Bible and what they think are the teachings of Jesus may be good for them but there are many others, maybe a majority of Americans and proclaimed Christians, who feel differently. It’s not the say that those who disagree would also take part in a same-sex relationship, but they have no problem with the marriage of two people who love each other; and they would have no issue with such a couple—two women or two men—adopting a child that needs a caring, loving home.

Franklin Graham and other organizations may take their dollars and go home, but Wells Fargo will not fail because of that reaction. It has been suggested that financial organizations who finance Graham’s organization do a “turnabout is fair play” attitude and call in the note, stop the loan, instruct Graham to secure operating funds elsewhere, if Graham has such a relationship. It has also been suggested the many contributors to Graham who disagree with his stance stop giving. Neither will happen because those who support Graham love him no matter his stance which may be different from their stance. Graham needs to ask himself the WWJD question: What Would Jesus Do? No doubt he would praise the two women for the adoption and thank Wells Fargo for an enlightening commercial. And he would not pull all his money out of the Bank of Bethlehem.
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