Monday, June 8, 2015

Happy birthday to our daughter; the memory of your birth remains

Today, our daughter, Emily, is 30 years young. Building up to today, she reminded everyone that she would be the big 3-0 on this day. Each year, on this day, the memory of that wonderful day in 1985 is relived in my mind and sometimes in conversation. It’s a golf story of sorts, of course. It was the weekend of the annual Wolfpack Club Jamboree which was being held at the Foxfire Golf Club in West End, about a 90 minute ride from our home in Cary. My wife “allowed” me to attend especially since planning and putting it on part of my job responsibility as the Wolfpack Club’s Publications Editor. Nancy wasn’t due to give birth for another week. The previous weekend was an annual golf outing at Grandfather Mountain area golf courses, but that was eliminated because of the four hour drive home.

So, it was off to Foxfire on a Thursday. And there was golf on Friday. The baby wasn’t coming…yet. Saturday morning, Nancy called the golf course early to say she was going to Rex Hospital, but she felt as if it was a false alarm. My reaction was to come home immediately but she discouraged it and told me to play the morning round. After 18 holes, a call to home resulted in no answer, so lunch was next, and then Jimmy Bass and Mark Moeller asked me to play more golf. After finally getting Nancy on the telephone and understanding that she was okay and felt as if the baby wouldn’t be born anytime soon, the additional round was on.

It was on the 14th green that someone from the golf course pro shop found me and gave instructions for me to return home immediately. The drive was made in less than 75 minutes, and with me still in my golf cloths and a visor on my head, Nancy, who had been in labor all day but wouldn’t tell me, and I headed to the hospital. Soon thereafter, her obstetrician informed Nancy of an emergency cesarean delivery she had to do so there would be a substitute doctor to deliver the baby. Nancy would have none of that so the epidural was turned up putting the delivery on hold which turned out to be about as long as it would have taken to play the last four holes of the 36-hole round. Darn!

It was around 10:30 that night that Emily Kathleen Pomeranz was born to two very happy and proud parents. She has accomplished a lot in the last 30 years and especially in the last eight years including moving to New York City after graduating from UNC-Asheville. She had no job but gained employment within 45 days. She has progress steadily in her career and is well-respected in what she does. Her two parents continue to be proud of her as she turns 30. Happy Birthday!
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