Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Fedora's perfect quote; watch out for Grandmother-to-be tree

Sometimes, you can’t make this stuff up. Sometimes, someone says something, present company included, that is associated with one thing but applies to another. Take North Carolina football coach Larry Fedora about whom Andrew Carter at The News & Observer recently penned an article which pertained to a special football camp at UNC. It’s called the Freak Show, and the event and one of Fedora’s statements can easily be applied to the on-going academic/athletics scandal there.

Carter quotes Fedora in Tuesday’s newspaper: We’re always trying to do things outside the box. We are always trying to do things that other people don’t do, because we are different at Carolina. So we‘re going to always think a different way. Isn’t that kind of thinking and doing the reason the Tar Heels athletics program is in a heap of trouble with the NCAA and why UNC-CH is on a year’s probation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges? Maybe thinking inside the box for a while might remedy what ails them in Chapel Hill.
No one, especially an unsuspecting postal work, should tangle with a soon to be grandmother tree. This is not to make light of a terrible accident that happened Saturday in Denver NC, a community near Lake Norman. A 60-foot tree fell from the yard of U.S. Rep. Patrick McHenry, R-NC, struck the mail truck of 43-year old Lisa Rudisill Wilkerson, killing the mail carrier. This happened during a thunderstorm. Wilkerson, the mother of two, was soon to be a grandmother by her 22-year old daughter. In Monday's local newspaper, The News & Observer, the headline was a little misleading. It reads: Postal worker killed by tree about to be a grandmother. Maybe it should have read, Postal worker about to be a grandmother killed by tree.
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