Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The quesadilla was a Reuben or maybe the Reuben was a quesadilla

Dinner at our house is sometimes very well planned and sometimes leftovers, which are fine with me; and, 99% of the time, dinner is something delicious and deliciously whipped up by my better half. A well-planned dinner might be an original recipe, not written but conducted from memory; the leftovers are sometimes similar to a previous meal—original lasagna heated for a second meal comes to mind—or a combination of things turned into something different. Some people will not eat leftovers or anything made thereof. We will. In meal preparation, sometimes, the better half has received volunteered assistance or at least suggested aid just to make it clear what my brain and stomach are concocting.

With chicken breasts and thighs—bone in and skin on—cooked on the charcoal grill Monday evening, a warm night especially tempting for cooking on the grill, there was plenty left over for future use. Why grill a couple of pieces of chicken for two when seven or eight pieces can be prepared and finished for nearly the same effort, holding back some for future meals? One option Tuesday night was leftover grilled chicken. Or, option two, the chicken could be turned into tasty chicken salad with celery and grapes and nuts and mayonnaise and a little of this seasoning and a little of that seasoning, turning one leftover into another leftover for future use.

On the other hand, there was a new package of country sausage in the refrigerator. Combined with pasta and delicious gravy, the sausage could be used to prepare a meal that would be completely consumed in one sitting. No leftovers there. And, then, there was the idea of using the chicken to make one big quesadilla. But what about the remaining corned beef purchased a few days ago to make a Reuben sandwich? How about a Reuben quesadilla? How about a chicken quesadilla and a Reuben quesadilla? The planning for two was completed by two.

In one Teflon-coated pan was an 8-inch veggie tortilla with a layer of grilled chicken breast without the skin and bones, a layer of sliced hot cherry peppers, and a layer of shredded cheddar cheese covered by another 8-inch veggie tortilla. On a Teflon-coated flat skillet was a burrito-size flour tortilla covered in sheets of Swiss cheese, then on half the tortilla a thick layer of corned beef covered by an ample coating of sour kraut. Once heated to melt the cheese, the vacant half was folded over to form a half moon Reuben quesadilla. A can of refried beans was also heated. Both quesadillas were flipped to make sure each was browned on both sides; then onto a cutting board they went to be sectioned for serving. A little salsa and sour cream were used as toppings for the chicken quesadilla and a squirt of spicy brown mustard was splashed onto the Reuben quesadilla, and that was dinner. Both were delicious, especially the Reuben quesadilla which was sans rye bread and butter for typical Reuben grilling but still wonderful!
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