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March 25, 1974: Marquette falls; Wolfpack reigns over all the land

41 years ago, NC State beat Marquette to win the 1974 NCAA basketball title. The following article appeared in the March 27, 1974 edition of Technician, NC State University student newspaper. Today, it is Chapter 86 of the book, 1973-74 Reliving the NC State Wolfpack's Title Run. 

By Jim Pomeranz
Sports Editor
          GREENSBORO—It was a great ending to a great season. Maybe the defeating of UCLA seemed to be a bigger accomplishment to many observers, but to the State Wolfpack basketball team, winning the national crown in 1974 was the greatest.
          The number one nationally ranked and number one in the NCAA playoffs State Wolfpack defeated Marquette Monday night in Greensboro, 76–64—and what a win!
          “It’s just a great feeling,” explained Tim Stoddard.
          “The UCLA win was a great win,” stated David Thompson, “but the finals is where we wanted to be.”
          Monte Towe said the win had not hit him with as much excitement as maybe other games had, but “tomorrow, I’ll probably go crazy.”
          Tom Burleson, who played his last basketball game in a State uniform or as a college player, for that matter, just reflected on his stay with the Wolfpack.
          “It’s been a lovely four years at NC State,” he said. “It’s hard to believe it’s over.”
          Burleson, Towe, and Thompson, along with Marquette’s Maurice Lucas and UCLA’s Bill Walton, were voted to the all-tournament team for their fabulous two days of play in Greensboro. Thompson was named the tournament’s most valuable player.
          “They’re number one,” commented Marquette coach Al McGuire about State. “They are a great, great ball club. They were dynamite tonight.”
         Even though Thompson received MVP honors, many observers thought the key to the Wolfpack victory was Towe, and McGuire agreed. And toward the end of the game, McGuire even stepped onto the court and gave Towe a handshake of congratulation.
          “You can talk about Thompson and Burleson all you want,” he said, “but that little white kid in the backcourt is the man. I’ve got quick kids (on Marquette), but he blew right by them like he was running in the 100-yard dash in the Olympics.
          “They got us,” he continued. “They’re a better ball club.”
          Towe sparked the Wolfpack with his shots not only from downtown Greensboro, but also from down under the basket. The 5'7" guard tossed in 16 points against the Warriors.
          David Thompson complimented the play of the diminutive guard. “He’s definitely a big help,” said the All-American. “If you’re open, he’ll get you the ball.” Towe and Thompson have combined throughout the year for some of the most exciting alley-oops plays seen.
          “If you give it to him (Towe), he’ll bring it up court,” continued Thompson. “There’s really nothing to worry about.”
          Thompson even stated, jokingly of course, that the toughest player he ever played against was “Monte in practice.”
          “This is something every kid dreams about,” said Towe after the game. “We’ve worked awfully hard this year. It feels great right now.”
          NC STATE: David Thompson 21 points, 7 rebounds; Monte Towe 16 points; Tommy Burleson 14 points, 11 rebounds; Morris Rivers 14 points, 5 assists. Team shooting: FG 26-46, 56.5%.
          MARQUETTE: Maurice Lucas 21 points, 13 rebounds; Maurice Ellis 12 points, 11 rebounds; Marcus Washington 11 points. Team shooting: FG 25-69, 36.2%
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