Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Meatballs, the food not the movie, can be very good

So, last night, just prior to the Riddick &Reynolds Pod Cast, the waitperson at Amedeos Italian Restaurant in Raleigh, where the show is recorded for distribution the next day, asked me for a food order. The selection could have been their solid pizza or the always good lasagna, but this time it was a small Ceasar salad and the Cheesy Meatballs appetizer. The latter was a bowl of three homemade meatballs smothered in Amedeos own marinara sauce and covered with a sizable quantity of mozzarella cheese.

The two dishes were just enough to satisfy the palette and prepare me to discuss my book: 1973-74 Reliving the NC StateWolfpack’s Title Run. The meatballs, with the sauce and cheese, were excellent. The Ceasar was typical and tasty. But while eating the meatballs, thoughts of another meatball experience surfaced. It was a visit to West First Wood Fired in Hendersonville NC where the West First Meatballs pasta dish was absolutely the best ever.

There was not a great deal of fettuccini but just enough to fill a stomach’s desire. Plenty of meatballs garnished the pasta. The sauce with plenty of added cheese was a perfect complement. Asking for the recipe brought a balk from the chef, but some of the ingredients were offered. There’s ground beef and ground pork (do not even think about sausage; use pork). There was cumin and coriander. And there were many other spices. It was the type of dish that will require a follow-up order at West First the next time there, even though there are many excellent selections on the menu.

The interview for Riddick & Reynolds went very well, especially after being satisfied by the salad and meatballs at Amedeos. It’s any interesting show which concentrates in NC State athletics. There’s a small live audience and a knowledgeable host along with some regulars. It’s usually every Monday night starting at 6:30. The visitors usually arrive in time to place an order, enjoying the food and an informative show. If you’re an NC State fan, plan to participate at least once if not more often.
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