Saturday, March 28, 2015

Anna’s Sausage Lasagna at Ferraro’s is as tasty as it gets

If you’re ever in Westfield NJ, make it a point to visit Ferraro’s of Westfield, an Italian restaurant, opened in 1969, that has the food and atmosphere that will bring you back for more.  It’s not overly expensive and the portions are more than ample. And, if you’re there for just one meal and have no idea if you’ll return, take a chance on Anna’s Sausage Lasagna. It’s well worth it and as good or better than any other lasagna you'll have.

This dish is typical Italian lasagna with noodles stacked high and a crust of cheese on top. The menu says describes it as Homemade Pasta layered with Mild Sausage, Ricotta and topped with Mozzarella in a Fresh Pork Ragu. Your description will include the “Wow!” It’s that good. It has a creamy texture from the ricotta, a nice chew from the noodles that are cooked perfectly, a spice that’s pure Italian with a sausage flavor, and, my favorite, a slight crunch from the mozzarella that’s obviously been slightly broiled.

For an appetizer, the Calamari Fritti and the Cajun Calamari are excellent choices. The Calamari Fritti is served with a hot and a sweet marinara for dipping; the Cajun Calamari is fried, as the Fritti is, and then sautéed in a balsamic reduction and Cajun spices. Both are good but if you want it spicy, just go with the Calamari Fritti and take a good dip into the hot marinara.

The salads are huge and are offered in half-size but not shown that way on the menu. The smaller version is recommended so you can finish your lasagna or any of the other dinner selections which include plenty of fish and chicken dishes with Italian flare, excellent pizza (we are told) and steaks. And, the wine selection, other bar choices and service are wonderful.
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