Monday, February 2, 2015

Mizzle tov to New England, spoilers of Super Bowl prediction

The word of the day is “mizzle.” The real definition is at the bottom of this diatribe which is partly about correctly predicting Super Bowl winners, or, for that matter, the winner of anything. But for the subject of today’s effort, let’s just say “mizzle” applies to incorrectly picking Seattle, where it mizzles a lot, to defeat New England, by at least a touchdown, at that.

It’s not the first time predictions here have mizzled. Usually, the winner of choice is NC State, in some case due to a heart condition as a result of a brain you-know-what. Little money has exchanged hands because of that mizzled state of mind, and some believe that being realistic is not a good trait here. But loyalty, though frequent criticisms happen, for NC State remains strong.

Those who think faithfulness to the Wolfpack as an athletics entity and to NC State University (the academic side of the tracks, we like to say) as a whole means keeping one’s mouth and pen shut and to go along and get along…well, those people should be exiled to Cuba or China or North Korea or Iran where freedom of speech and thought is not allowed. The opposition to what is said here should embrace other opinions and strive for better understanding instead of ignoring facts and figures and the diversity of those who want nothing but the best for a person’s alma mater.

As far as the Super Bowl: While the spread would have been just three points if Pete Carroll (former NC State coach) and his staff, which could have included asking Russell Wilson for his opinion, hadn’t mizzled the Seahawks last offensive play call of the game and instead call for running Marshawn Lynch at least one more time or faking to Lynch and giving the green light to Russell to bolt around end to score what could have been winning touchdown. 

That was the only time in the game the last Seattle play was called, and, for some reason, an usually adept Wilson failed to see the coverage and throw the ball away or run with it, probably due his Wisconsin upbringing.) Of course, if Wilson’s pass had been slightly to his right instead of leading receiver Ricardo Lockette there would have been no interception and the Seahawks would have won two in a row. For all the excitement the game offered, the interception by the Patriots Malcolm Butler really took the air out of the ball for Seattle fans. Mizzle tov to New England, the cheaters.
-------------------- word of the day
mizzle (verb) [miz-uh l]: to rain in fine drops; drizzle; mist

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