Friday, May 22, 2015

Bob Luddy should take his ball and go home

Bob Luddy, the well-to-do very conservative businessman, sounds very much like the playground basketball court bully who when he doesn’t get his way with who is on his pick-up team or how many time he gets to shoot decides to take his ball and go home. And he readily admits to that characterization, or so it seems, and he doesn’t care.

He announced the other day he is withholding $25,000 in political donations to Republicans in the North Carolina House because they refused to go along with how he prefers the budget be structured. His objections included too few tax cuts and too many tax breaks for specific businesses. “I had planned to donate $25,000 this year to the House Republicans Caucus to help re-elect a conservative supermajority,” he wrote. “Unfortunately, after seeing the $1.3 billion in additional spending and no across-the-board tax relief in the proposed House budget I had to reconsider.”

So, instead of giving to the Caucus, he decided to increase his funding of an ultra-conservative group that prefers ultra-conservative legislators. He wants the General Assembly all to himself to promote ultra-conservative ideas and ideals. He wants nothing to do with anything that isn’t what he wants, so he’ll withhold campaign contributions and moving them to candidates that will kiss his ring.

Funny thing about this is Luddy’s criticism of lobbyists who roam the halls on Jones Street in Raleigh, seeking votes in their favor. He is no different than the lobbyists; he’s just not registered as one. He votes with his pocketbook without giving legitimate reason behind his unreasonable thinking. He’s not the only one like that; big donors on both sides of the aisle withdraw funds from favored candidates and legislators who don’t walk the straight and narrow (minded) of the donors. If Lundy wants to take his ball and go home, the members of the Republican Caucus should thank him for his past involvement and tell him to find different players on a different basketball court.
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